Saoirse's Heart Is Our New CD

Saoirse (pronounced SEER-sha) is Gaelic for freedom, and notably Irish Freedom.  

Saoirse’s Heart is the title track for the fourth studio recording from NYC Irish-Pop band Celtic Cross.    The tracks take a soul-searching look at the subtleties of freedom and the redemption it provides, as they are uniquely interwoven in the Irish-American experiences of immigration, love, and family.   The seven-piece band uses a wide canvas of traditional Irish, alt-country and funk on this fourteen all-original track album.   

You can order the CD right now securely directly from the band online.  

Saoirse's Heart is the band's most passionate and innovative songwriting and production yet.   The CD features the already popular Irish Girl, Land's In My Blood, Hold on For the Ride, and the alternative trad rebel rap title track Saoirse's Heart.   Click here to read all about the story of the CD and each of the tracks.   

Listen to all of the tracks on Soundcloud for free.    Download it now on iTunes.    Or check out any of the dates for our shows on the right and hear us play the tracks live.  

Listen to All the Celtic Cross Catalog on SoundCloud.   

We have put our last three CDs up for online listening on SoundCloud... Saoirse's Heart (2014), Shores of America (2007) and Last Call (1999).  That is 36 tracks of our originals.   Listen, like and share... 

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Attention all you Irish & Celtic festival leaders, as well as fine drinking & music establishment owners... we are actively booking our 2015 calendar right now to support our new CD, including a few March dates (Paddy's Day is available), and prime spring & summer weekends.   Don't wait... drop us a line or give us a call.   Put Celtic Cross on your 2015 calendar now!  And, YES we do play awesome weddings... 

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